"Dr. Trachtenberg is a podiatric medical clinician, practitioner and educator of highest professional level and standards. Among my national and international travels, teaching and educating individuals and medical professionals around the world, Dr. Trachtenberg stands out per his knowledge, his understanding and use of traditional methods and state-of-the-art technology, his clinical skills, and his treatments. His exceptional and unique approach and patient care has made him a pioneer, a leader, and an elite to examine, diagnose and treat foot conditions and related posture pain. I have personally consulted Dr. Trachtenberg for my own foot disorders and walking problems. If you are seeking advice, consultation and treatment, do not hesitate and communicate with Dr. Trachtenberg."

- Norman Murphy, Ph.D., Director of Product and Market Research and Development, Medical Group, Tekscan, Inc.

"Dr. Trachtenberg is a pioneer in the multi-disciplinary approach to healing and recovery of function. His innovative treatment of a person as a whole being instead of parts belonging to various specialties is truly unique. Dr. Trachtenberg is the leader in this area of utilizing both in-depth gait analysis and collaborative treatment with doctors in other disciplines to effectively treat his patients. The results I can personally attest to are outstanding.

Dr. Trachtenberg's thorough analysis of a patient's issues is also unique. His use of gait analysis, whole body structure analysis and integrating chiropractics, dentistry, applied kinesiology, physical therapy and other modalities is an approach unknown in this area and a rarity anywhere."

- Dr. John Perestam, Owego, NY

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. George Trachtenberg both as a patient and as clinical director for Graston® Technique. The office is service oriented and patient centered. His clinical focus and skill is extremely unique. His understanding of the role that the foot and ankle play in body movement allows him to provide a level of care second to none. As a patient, he exceeded my expectations in every way."

- Dr. Richard E Vincent, Clinical Director, Graston® Technique - Falmouth, MA

"Dr. Trachtenberg is unsurpassed in his biomechanical knowledge (understanding of human structure and function) as well as his ability to evaluate patients with his gait analysis technology.

I personally travel over three hours for him to treat me because of his expertise and his evaluation and treatment abilities. For over five years he has been my recommendation to my patients and I refer them to him for his unique evaluation and treatment approaches, as well as the unique functional orthotic devices he produces for the treatment of their clinical conditions, often, in particular, my running athletes. 

It will be impossible to find a Doctor more skilled in their craft than Dr. Trachtenberg."

- Dr. Gregory H. Doerr, Cliffside Park, New Jersey

"I am happy to share my experiences as your patient, and I thank you for including my input.  At the risk of writing too much, I feel it is important to include some of my history before I became a patient of yours.  I had worn orthotic devices when I was a runner in high school and the only effect they produced was blisters.  After high school I had surgery on one knee to remove scar tissue, torn cartilage, and bone chips.  I was told by the orthopedist that I would eventually need to have surgery on the other knee.  A year after the surgery the pain in my knee had decreased, though long walks and going down stairs were still painful.  Given my family history of flat feet and bad knees, I assumed that the results I had experienced following the surgery were as good as I could expect.

Ten years later, I found and contacted your office through the yellow pages for help with the removal of a plantar wart.  While I was at your office, you spoke with me about the new tools and techniques you were developing to help you see the mechanics of how your patients walk.   Though I had not been interested in orthotic devices, I appreciated how you listened to me, and your approach seemed refreshingly holistic.  I attended an information session, and after many questions and answers, decided to seek treatment.

I remember so vividly the first time I tried on my new orthoses.  My shoes just felt fast, as if something were propelling my feet forward.  You had corrected the way my foot rolled, and it was this rolling that felt like propulsion.  How effortless it had become to walk!  You also prescribed physical therapy to help calm the pain in my knees.  Over time, it all but vanished.  I have now been a patient of yours close to 10 years.  I can walk as long as I wish with no pain at all.  I can exercise, do aerobics, lift weights and play with my children.  The care you have provided me has changed the quality of my life, and I have no plans for surgery on my other knee.

When my first son complained nightly about his legs hurting, you explained your belief that growing should not hurt.  I must admit that even given my own experiences with orthoses, I was not sure they would help him.  However, the changes I saw in him were more dramatic than those I had experienced myself.  His nighttime leg pain ceased almost immediately (less than a week), and has never returned.  He walks straight, runs straight and has excellent balance.

I did not wait for my second son to tell me his legs were hurting him.  When I noticed that his knees turned in when he walked, I made an appointment for him as well.  I am grateful that he did not have to suffer those night pains.

It is often difficult to explain my enthusiasm without sounding like a spokeswoman.  Many of the people I have wanted to refer to your office were concerned about the cost; that it seemed more than they are willing to spend.  This is often when I begin to sound like an advertisement.  It does cost a lot of money.  It is also the best money I have ever spent on anything .  Every time I walk a steep hill, squat to lift heavy weights, or break into a run with my kids, I am enjoying the payback.  Orthoses are something my family has chosen to afford even through our most difficult financial situations.

What began as a chance phone call to have a plantar wart removed has resulted in a physically stronger and pain free life for my two children, my husband (also has orthoses), and me.  We thank you for that."

- Julie Mugavero

"Having been a relatively active individual for a good part of my life I am no stranger to both acute and overuse injuries. Couple these past experiences with a leg length discrepancy of almost 1 inch and you have a recipe for guaranteed long term pain and permanent joint damage due to an inefficient gait cycle and abnormal movement patterns. When the pain in my knees and lower back began preventing me from exercising I knew that I needed more than just stretching in the gym and icing my injuries at home to permanently address these issues. This is when I turned to Dr. Trachtenberg for help.

After a thorough examination using highly specialized 3-D laser scanning equipment, multiple angle gait recording technology, pressure mapping, x-rays and physical examination, Dr. Trachtenberg was able to assess exactly what my gait disorders were and why I was experiencing pain in my knees, lower back, plantar fascial tendon and even my left shoulder. He explained to me that the treatment he offered would combine proper footwear, a specially designed foot orthotic, the modification of my training regimen. He went on to say that it would be a good idea for me to consult with either a physical therapist, massage therapist or chiropractor in order to aid in putting my system back into proper alignment due to the years of sports related abuse that my body had undergone.

I eagerly accepted his recommendations and prepared myself for a temporary lifestyle change in the hopes that I would soon be living pain free. It has been approximately seven months since I first put the foot orthotics prescribed by Dr. Trachtenberg into my shoes. Since then I have noticed less lower back pain, and the complete elimination of pain in my left knee as well as better posture and less overall fatigue at the end of the day. I am continuing to consult with a massage therapist to compliment the therapy that has been provided to me by Dr. Trachtenberg and I am confident that in due time I should be completely pain free regardless of my pathologies and that I will be able to resume both training in the gym and practicing those sports which I have always loved. My thanks goes out to Dr. Trachtenberg and his elite team for making my experience with them one of learning and long term pain free living."

- Philip M, Montreal, Canada

"It was the fall of 2008, and I made the decision to attend a free seminar given by Dr. George Trachtenberg. At the time I was looking for a miracle but I was not feeling very hopeful. The year before I had foot surgery for the removal of a bunion by another podiatrist in the area and I thought this would correct the situation and eliminate the terrible pain I was experiencing. But in fact the pain in my foot became worse and I began having terrible pain in the non-surgical foot.

I was having so much pain in my feet, knees, hips and my entire back from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet that I was afraid I would be forced to stop working. All I was able to do was to work, come home and get off of my feet. I was in so much pain I could do nothing else. I took pain medicine, soaked my feet and rubbed them but nothing stopped the constant pain. My whole life had become working, coming home and sitting in my chair. I was having cortisone shots in both feet every three months and the shots were not helping the pain at all.

I attending Dr. Trachtenberg's seminar, watched a video and listen to Dr. Trachtenberg share his professional experience. When I left that evening and started driving home I was feeling hopeful for the first time in several years. However, I kept thinking about the cost and the fact that my insurance might not pay for Dr. Trachtenberg's services. By the time I arrived home I had decided that I was willing to pay for the services myself. Dr. Trachtenberg was giving me some hope and I was going to take it.

I called the doctor's office the next morning I was given an appointment that same week. When I went to my first appointment I thought I would see the doctor and then I would be given another appointment to come back for the foot gait analysis. But after Dr Trachtenberg finished the examination of both feet I was asked if I had time that day and if I did they could perform my foot gait analysis right away. Within a short time Dr Trachtenberg had evaluated my gait analysis and ordered the proper orthotics for my feet. Dr Trachtenberg also found that my left leg was shorter from the right leg. He sent me to Hank's shoes were I bought shoes that were corrected for me. I think I waited less than two weeks and my orthotics and new shoes were ready for my wear.

Once I began wearing my new shoes and orthotics my feet, legs, knees, hips and back all stopped the pain I had been living with for over two years. I knew that if I continued to follow Dr Trachtenberg's care and directions for my care the terrible pain I had lived with would and could be a thing of the past. Although I was holding off going to Dr Trachtenberg's because the cost and that there may not be insurance coverage, Dr Trachtenberg has a payment program that will allow you to pay for his services at a very reasonable payment cost. For me being out of the terrible debilitating daily pain is worth every penny and besides now I do not have to stop working. Thank you Dr. Trachtenberg for giving my life back and I think you are a miracle worker."

- Wixie Skellett

"For years I suffered with a painful foot condition called tibulitus and received treatments from many podiatrists that did nothing and in some cases made things worse.  I remember being miserable on a vacation because I couldn’t walk without pain.  Finally I listened to of a friend who lived 350 miles away who claimed several of her own friends were being treated by a podiatrist in Vestal NY who was able to help them when no one else could.

I made my first appointment with Dr. Trachtenberg over 6 years ago and as soon as I started to wear his computerized state of the art orthoses, my pain disappeared very quickly.  Since then I have travelled  over 300 miles from New Jersey twice a year for checkups and to get my orthoses changed when needed.  I don’t mind the trip and I actually look forward to seeing The Doctor.   He is very caring and in touch with any new advances in foot care.  He is the expert that I am grateful I found and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

- Toby Berkeley, West Paterson, NJ

"The first time I met Dr. Trachtenberg was during one of my wife's appointments. We started to tell him about my lower back pain. Dr. Trachtenberg said he could help with orthotics. I really did not think orthotics would work. My back hurt not my feet. I also thought my physically demanding job was the root of my back pain.

Dr. Trachtenberg was right, I was seeing the chiropractor every other week with bad lower back pain. Now I may go see the chiropractor once every six months. Dr. Trachtenberg is very good at what he does. I would strongly recommend Dr. Trachtenberg, and his staff to anyone who asks."

- Eric Archer, Deposit, NY

"With pleasure I can attest to the value of George Trachtenberg’s medical practice. Because of Dr. Trachtenberg’s creative and innovative gait analysis strategies and his insightful, patient reflections on my foot pain, I have been able to improve significantly my mobility, comfort, and endurance. Dr. Trachtenberg has facilitated my being able to resume a full daily exercise regimen without restrictions, minimizing my foot pain and discomfort and enabling me to lead a more normalized life.

Moreover, Dr. Trachtenberg has always taken the time to solicit my perspective and listen to my narrative and thoughts about my condition. His intelligence, humor, and medical skills have been a boon to my overall health, and I highly appreciate his thoughtful, holistic assessment and treatment of my condition. He has made me feel valued as a patient, and I highly respect his talents."

- Steve Duarte, Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

"For years I suffered with foot problems. I bounced from podiatrist to podiatrist trying to find relief. Three different surgical procedures accomplished nothing.

Then I saw Dr. Trachtenberg's commercial on TV, I felt that his approach to foot therapy might finally bring the help I had been looking for. His precise and through attention to every detail of my feet and gait helped us to create orthoses that have not only eliminated my foot pain, but have also improved my overall posture and gait. Dr. Trachtenberg has accomplished what I thought might be impossible; he and his wonderful staff have made my wife and me feel like family. lt's truly a pleasure to visit the office! Thanks, Dr. Trachtenberg, for becoming our newest friend!"

-Joe and Marie Lukasik

"I have had problems with my feet for nearly 4 decades.  After numerous unsuccessful surgeries and procedures, I accepted the fact that I would have to live with whatever pain and discomfort my feet caused me for the rest of my life. A few years ago I was working a trade show.  My feet ached whether I was walking, standing, or sitting for 4 days.  I came home and took my wife’s advice to give Dr. T a try.

On my first visit, Dr. T made me feel confident that he could help me.   No promises of perfection, just that he could relieve some of my problems.   There was no waiting for tests, etc..  On my first visit I was X-rayed, filmed, and ready to move forward.  First he designed Orthotics for both of my feet.   These were very helpful in pain relief as well as improving my manner of walking.   (Also made me about 1” taller)

Dr Trachtenberg does not rush into diagnosis and treatment.  He considers surgery as the last resort.  He is trained in a special treatment program called the Graston® Technique which he performed on both of my feet to remove or at least reduce the Plantar Fibromas  I had on the bottom of both of my feet.  Although the process took some time and was a bit painful, it was extremely successful and reduced the Plantar Fibromas  to where they are nearly gone and cause me no discomfort at all.

At one point we decided to remove what turned out to be a Porokeratoma  on the bottom of my foot.  I have had many procedures of this type throughout my life.  Always painful and always leaving a scar.  Dr. Trachtenberg treated me and instructed me how to take care of this incision leaving virtually no scar.

Dr.T is a knowledgeable, honest, and respected Doctor.  My visits with him resulted in great healing as well as much laughter." 

- Mark Tucker, Deposit, NY

"My husband and I loved to visit our country's National Parks and hike as much as possible. Eleven years ago the pain in my knees got so bad that I had reached the point where I could only go up stairs sitting down and going up backwards!! I was convinced I had a bone or muscle disease. After several visits to an orthopedic specialist, I gave up and thought that I would soon be in a wheelchair.

My husband, however, had read Dr. Trachtenberg's advertisement in the phone directory and insisted I make an appointment. We both went to that appointment and listened to Dr. Trachtenberg explained gait analysis and how the way you walk can adversely affect your body. We made the appointment for my gait analysis, but I was very skeptical. This solution seemed too simple for the pain I was experiencing. But, my husband insisted that we follow through.

The gait analysis was done, the orthotics were made. Dr. Trachtenberg set up a schedule for physical therapy to get rid of the inflammation, and in less than two weeks I was walking pain free!! Two months after my orthotics were fitted, I hiked up the switchback trail to Angel's Landing at Zion National Park, Utah. I still see Dr. Trachtenberg, and I'm still walking and hiking pain free."

- Dianne Dale, Endicott, NY

"I came to Dr. Trachtenberg because I couldn’t walk. I was in excruciating pain. I had seen two podiatrists and two orthopedic surgeons. They could do nothing for me. When I came to Dr. Trachtenberg, he took his time with me, he examined me and he said that he thought he could help me. After he evaluated and treated me, the pain was gone. I could walk. I was so grateful. I have never met a doctor like Dr. Trachtenberg."

- Lily Pascazio, Afton, NY

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