Orthotic Devices

Be advised, “not all orthotic devices” (orthoses) are the same, and just because these in-shoe devices can look similar, does not mean that they are similar or do the job appropriately. Patients with back, knee, hip and other postural problems as well as those with foot pain that are caused or aggravated by walking need to use “unique” & “specialized” devices that are prescribed after the patient is assessed with “appropriate technology” such as video and computerized walking analysis (gait analysis).

It is also noteworthy that orthoses come in two varieties, supportive devices (motion control) and functional devices (motion enhancement).

Traditionally, supportive orthotic devices are what have been and are still typically used. They can, if done correctly alleviate symptoms locally in the foot, whereas, functional (motion enhancement) orthotic devices can address movement in the entire body and manage painful conditions not only within the foot but also in other remote areas of the body such as the knees, hips and back. Functional orthoses generally require technological evaluations such as video and in-shoe computerized gait analysis.

How can you avoid the "illusion of similar services" in podiatry?

Your feet have a direct effect on other parts of the body. Because they are the foundation of the body and are attached to the leg, which is attached to the knee, which is attached to the thigh, which is attached to the hip...and so on, abnormal movement and function of the foot can actually be solely responsible for back, hip, knee and other conditions that involve joints, bones and muscles.

Treatment should be geared toward bringing abnormal foot movement and function toward normalcy by utilizing sophisticated (functional) in-shoe orthotic devices. Treatment may also need to include an interdisciplinary approach by combining the walking care with physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy and/or acupuncture.

A word about orthoses is needed when this approach to care is discussed. Not all orthoses are the same, and just because these in-shoe devices can look similar, does not mean that they are similar or will do the job appropriately. Back, knee, hip and other postural problems that are caused or aggravated by walking need to use unique and specialized devices that are prescribed after the patient is assessed with video and computerized walking (gait) analysis. Only then can the appropriate assessment be made that will lead to proper prescription orthotic and treatment. This approach to care is specialized and only a handful of practitioners in the country have the unique training and equipment available in their office to make these assessments and treatment plans.

  • We have available a broad line of competitively priced, quality shoes and athletic footwear to complement the “unique” orthotic devices we prescribe and have constructed for the treatment and prevention of your specific condition(s).
  • This array of footwear has the inherent construction requirements needed to enhance and ensure appropriate orthotic function and routinely allows for a stylish “non-orthopedic shoe” look. Staff takes the time to measure and fit each patient individually to ensure proper fit and function (just like the “old days”).
  • Most of our shoe selection are approved for diabetic use.
Specialized Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizers (available for purchase in our office)

These specialized shoe sanitizers are in-shoe sanitizing devices that utilize specialized UV-C (Ultraviolet-C) light bulbs that kill 100% of the following organisms inside of the shoe:
  • Fungus- Helps prevent and treat athlete’s foot and fungal nail infections.
  • Virus- Helps prevent and treat plantar and other foot warts.
  • Bacteria- Kills bacteria in the shoe that can contribute to foot infections especially in immune-compromised patients such as diabetics. Also it kills bacteria that causes foot and shoe odor.
We also use these as an adjunct in the treatment of and in the prevention of reoccurrence after treatment for: 
  • Fungal Toenails  
  • Athlete Foot Infections 
  • Warts 
  • Foot Infections 
  • Malodor of the foot and shoe. 
Aside from being used to prevent and treat these conditions, it is just good hygiene to clean one’s shoes. We can wash our clothes, we can dry clean our clothes and we wash our socks. Why would we not clean our shoes inside now that it is possible? 

Socks & Compression Hose
  • We maintain a full line of “antimicrobial/wicking” socks and hose.
  • Antimicrobial/wicking socks enhance foot health and complements the treatment and preventative aspect of our PinPointe™ fungal laser nail program.
  • A variety of compression sock and hose are available.
  • All socks and hose are approved for use in diabetic patients and are competitively priced.
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