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Dr. George C. Trachtenberg received his D.P.M. degree in 1977 from the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. Since June 1977, he has maintained a successful private practice which began in Sheldon, Iowa and is currently in Vestal, New York. Dr. Trachtenberg's practice emphasis is on video and computerized gait analysis for biomechanical gait dysfunctions as well as postural and musculoskeletal disorders. His biomechanical expertise and his ''state-of-the-art'' gait-analysis facility attracts a spectrum of patients with various disorders including knee, hip and back conditions that are often caused by or related to gait abnormalities.

Since receiving his degree, Dr. Trachtenberg has had extensive attendance at continuing education seminars. He has lectured at various symposiums and served as consultant to practitioners.

His Findings have been published in:

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Our goal is to provide the highest-quality foot care to patients with painful foot conditions, abnormal foot function and foot-related postural problems. This is achieved when:
  • Excellent care is given with a strong emphasis on prevention
  • Patient's needs are met
  • Patient's expectations are exceeded
  • A practice standard is created against which foot care in the region is measured


Without freedom in medicine, there is no quality, only compliance and the patient unfortunately suffers the consequences. And understand that “health insurance does not necessarily equate to healthcare”.

Who comes to us to be evaluated and treated?

  • Those who have sought answers for their problems elsewhere, have often been to many other practitioners and facilities and have not gotten better or received answers for their problems.
  • Those who have had testing and or/diagnostic studies (sometimes many tests and studies) for their condition(s) and are told everything is normal and “there is nothing wrong” or “nothing wrong can be found”.
  • Those who have been told by other practitioners that there is nothing that can be done to improve their condition.
  • Those who hear about us from friends, family and acquaintances and wish to avoid the months or years of “not getting better” and therefore come to us first.
  • Those who do not want to have their healthcare decided on by third parties such as insurance carriers, government programs or non-doctor practitioners as a result of (“not being able to see the doctor”).
Many patients today and in the past many years, often have healthcare decisions made that result in them “not getting better”.

These decisions are often a result of cost saving guidelines created by insurance carriers and governmental agencies that are forced upon healthcare practitioners that contract with them to provide your care.

Patients also become conditioned through this process and think they cannot get care unless it is allowed by or provided for by the insurance company or governmental agency.

Patients like those mentioned above that come to see us have made a choice not to let that happen. They have come to understand that if they let a third party or a practitioner with less training and experience decide on what test, medications and care they can have, they will have to “accept” the level of care that comes from those regulated decisions and often the unfortunate outcomes & consequences that result from such a system.

“The Trachtenberg Difference”

Since 1978 I have been in a solo, private practice. I consider myself an ongoing student of the science and art of what I do.  I continue to learn and develop my skills and treatment models from my experiences, my patients’ disorders and often their unique needs.

I do not pretend to know all of the answers but I am always happy and willing to help you figure out the questions about your condition(s), to arrive at a working diagnosis and an optimum plan for managing your concern(s).

I subscribe to the “Oath of Hippocrates”. It states:  “I will prescribe regimen for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone”.  

Please note that the Hippocratic practitioner must follow his or her own judgment, which might not always agree with that of an elite committee or the rules and regulations of an interfering third party entity. Most importantly, it is the good of the patient that must be served and not that of an insurers’ or governments’ bottom line.

My goal and objective is to evaluate and advise you, to the best of my ability, on what I find to be optimal for you and your presenting circumstances.  My patients receive the time and attention necessary to assess their conditions and come to an optimal treatment plan.

I work only for my patients and NOT any third party entity such as an insurance carrier or governmental agency, nor am I contracted with any third party payers. I work exclusively for my patients to serve their best interests.

As a result of our many successes, patients from all around the United States and southern Canada have and continue to seek and come to us for our methods of care.

 “The Bottom Line is Results”.  If your problem is not being corrected or your pain and discomfort continues it is time to realize that third parties that regulate your care and “fix-it-shop” type of treatment is not working.

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