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Why Toenail Fungus & Why Treatment Failure

Toenail Fungus: A Cosmetic Condition or Health Concern

When Lower Extremity Dysfunction Contributes to Back Pain (Podiatry Today December 2012, pp.50-58.)

Great Gait How Mapping Technology Can Analyze Gait & Provide Data to Help Restore Normalcy (Advance for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine 09/20/10; 21,20, pp.23-25.)

Gait Analysis ... Happiness with Your Feet on the Ground (From The New Health Digest, October 2006)

Take a stand against pain (From Press & Sun-Bulletin, May 27, 1999)

Walking and Postural Pain (From The NorthEastern Holistic Resource, September 2002)

How to Choose a Health Care Practitioner (From Press & Sun-Bulletin, Sunday December 28,2003)

Back, Hip, or Knee Pain? Maybe it's your feet.

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