Why your feet should come first!

Most of us take 5,000 to 15,000 steps every day. So a foot-related postural problem puts stress and strain on muscles and joints. Repeated day-after-day, year-after-year, this weakens muscles and joints causing pain and increasing the susceptibility to injury in other parts of the body.

Pain in your back, knees, and hips could be related to your feet! 

Our practice is one of only a handful across the country to offer state-of-the-art, Computerized and Video Analysis of Walking - Gait Analysis. This system records the walking process with video cameras and computer sensors so abnormal foot function can be critically evaluated. The result is diagnostic accuracy and treatment of a broad range of conditions usually without surgery.

Dr. Trachtenberg evaluates and treats a vast array of foot, ankle and walking disorders.

Some of his unique evaluation and treatment methods include:
Computerized & Video analysis of walking disorders providing solutions to patients with difficult conditions and patients that have been unsuccessful in obtaining results elsewhere. As a result of this many patients travel long distances to seek his care.

Excellent, reliable, and dependable care is given with predictable 
results for most foot, ankle, and walking disorders.

"Dr. Trachtenberg is a podiatric medical clinician, practitioner and educator of highest professional level and standards. Among my national and international travels, teaching and educating individuals and medical professionals around the world, Dr. Trachtenberg stands out per his knowledge, his understanding and use of traditional methods and state-of-the-art technology, his clinical skills, and his treatments. His exceptional and unique approach and patient care has made him a pioneer, a leader, and an elite to examine, diagnose and treat foot conditions and related posture pain. I have personally consulted Dr. Trachtenberg for my own foot disorders and walking problems. If you are seeking advice, consultation and treatment, do not hesitate and communicate with Dr. Trachtenberg."

- Norman Murphy, Ph.D., Director of Product and Market Research and Development, Medical Group, Tekscan, Inc.
"Dr. Trachtenberg is a pioneer in the multi-disciplinary approach to healing and recovery of function. His innovative treatment of a person as a whole being instead of parts belonging to various specialties is truly unique. Dr. Trachtenberg is the leader in this area of utilizing both in-depth gait analysis and collaborative treatment with doctors in other disciplines to effectively treat his patients. The results I can personally attest to are outstanding. Dr. Trachtenberg's thorough analysis of a patient's issues is also unique. His use of gait analysis, whole body structure analysis and integrating chiropractics, dentistry, applied kinesiology, physical therapy and other modalities is an approach unknown in this area and a rarity anywhere."

- Dr. John Perestam, Owego, NY

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. George Trachtenberg both as a patient and as clinical director for Graston® Technique. The office is service oriented and patient centered. His clinical focus and skill is extremely unique. His understanding of the role that the foot and ankle play in body movement allows him to provide a level of care second to none. As a patient, he exceeded my expectations in every way."

- Dr. Richard E Vincent, Clinical Director, Graston® Technique - Falmouth, MA

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